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Kidsuki Coloring Pages Search Trends – March

We would like to share , what people search at Kidsuki . Being a printable coloring pages search engine , Kidsuki offers a vast dimension to its visitors , and thus empowering visitors to find any coloring page they want at one place. And every single visitor was different and creative that they have searched something of their interest . The majority of Kidsuki’s visitors have searched some common Coloring pages of interest.

So if you don’t have an idea of what coloring page to start with , Kidsuki’s trends may be a better starting point.

Trends of Kidsuki’s Visitors Search

Coloring Page Searched No of Views by people
Disney 1785
Precious Moments 839
Spiderman 821
Cat in the Hat 782
Mandala 771
Ben 10 656
Dragon 623
Military 565
Fairies 538
Animals 523

People have spent most time , on the following Coloring Pages ( Most are girlish topics )

Coloring Page Searched Average Time Spent (in sec)
Mermaid 83
Owl 78
Tinkerbell 78
Spongebob 75
Deer 75
Winnie the pooh 73
Princess 72
Cinderella 68
Flowers 67
Sky 67

Comment on what you feel about Kidsuki’s visitors . We would love to hear from you.

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