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Fun English For Kids – A Curriculum Development Article for Preschool Teachers

Fun English For Kids by lillymail2008

11 Responses to “Fun English For Kids – A Curriculum Development Article for Preschool Teachers”
  1. Lilly Says:

    I Invite your comments here about this Curriculum development article for teachers .Its mainly for preschool and aged 5 .

    If you want to download this or have this pdf , you can either get from scribd or leave your email so that we will mail you .

  2. Thais da Conceição Rocha Says:

    Hi Lilly
    I´m an English teacher in Brazil, and I simply loved this article!!
    I´d like to receive it by email!
    Is it possible?
    Thanks a lot

  3. Zetty Says:

    Hi..It’s great to have some materials to help in teaching.Please e-mail me this article to me..:)



  4. سكس Says:

    sry i just know how to write my name in arabic :)) anyway however my english not that good but i think i get the point. thanks

  5. Toh Chin Leong Says:

    I love the article. It is very useful for my teachers.

    Could you email me the soft copy (printable)? Thank you

  6. Debbie Says:

    Hi Lily, I would like to receive the article as well. Im currently working at a kindergarten and would want so much to get some ideas to improve the kids’ English language development. Thank you. Read from you soon.

  7. Ena Says:

    Hello. I’m fro Ukraine. I have just looked through the article, as I am a teacher for small kids. The article is so useful Can I have it in pdf file, please?

  8. Lusia Says:

    Hi there !
    Im a mother of 18moths toddler, live in Indonesia. It is a lovely article and i am interested to apply what has been shared in this article to my daughter to learn english.
    So please send me the article’s pdf to my mail :
    i really appreciate it.
    Big Thanx

  9. David Says:

    Hi Lilly,
    I’m a kindergarten English Teacher in Thailand.I have used lots and lots of your “connect the dots resources” and I’m getting a remarkable positive feedback from both my students and the Department Heads.Could you please e-mail me the article on my e-mail( I need to print it.This article is very detailed on virtually everything and I like its methodological approach!wow! thanks a lot more than a thousand times!I will really appreciate.Cheers!

  10. Sherri Bixler Says:

    Hi and thanks so much for putting this together and making it available. I am a private teacher in Mexico and since I’m just beginning this is a God-send! Please send it to me in pdf…thank you!

  11. Fayez Aly Says:

    Hi Lilly. Good day to you.I teach TEFL to Teachers of English ,so I’ll be so grateful if I could get it by mail.
    thank you