Getting Kids to Coloring and art – For Parents and Teachers

When I was a kid, drawing and coloring used to be my default self express mediums. Coloring soothes mood and helps capture the time, emotions, colors and memory of self and things around us. My dad and mom were very kind that when it comes to art, they would get me anything I please. I used to have boxes of crayons just because the other had a rare color in it. ? And most importantly, My Parents used to be a source of unlimited encouragement, and that is the most essential and important ingredient to get kids to coloring and art. Even for the worst drawing I ever scratched, they would say it looked awesome and would be speaking about it to their friends. Thus I grew. And that encouragement, lauded me with lots of awards and prizes which I had won in competitions.

Cultivating Interest and Passion

When you see that kids don’t express a passion for coloring and art, there is a simple method which could help. Take kids to an art competition, don’t let them participate; instead let them see other kids draw, color and paint. Sending kids to an art class also helps. Because it has a community of like minds and we can see them grow. But the above is a gradual process, and when we try to hasten it the passion for art may also leave sooner than expected. So it’s better that we give the process of forming passion some time.

Starting to color

Jump starting passion, next step should be making them feel the tools to get comfortable. Don’t expect, just let them scratch, hatch, and make a mess on the paper. (Pencils, crayons, markers etc… could be used) The next step would sure be coloring. Coloring pages should help you here. Let kids choose the colors they wish and fill them. Here they learn how to play with colors and feel which colors go good with which of them. This could be made interesting by showing a model, and asking them to color a coloring page. For eg, An apple, alongside an apple coloring page.


As far as Coloring is concerned, there are basic mediums kids can use safely at home and school. Although presence of an adult is most often the safest.
They are,
  1. Color Pencils
  2. Crayons
  3. Water Color Pencils
  4. Markers
Thus coloring pages give kids a start into art and coloring. It gets them to know shapes,animals,alphabets etc , and have great fun coloring them too. So lets get started and make kids happier , Teach them to color.

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